Can you implement Scaffolding service in Rain?

Falling this year is one of the major causes for any construction company and can easily lead to any major injury for more than 40% of all construction on a yearly basis.

Especially during the weather changes, when there are changes in uncertain weather conditions the scaffolding activity must be under the supervision of an expert qualified person, and that the scaffolding is inspected and verified to be safe for use before. This means several things, one of which is that the scaffolding service provider must be inspected and verified to be safe for use before installation. It is also important that everyone who will work on the scaffold is issued with the appropriate safety and protective equipment, and is well trained on safety best practice for working on scaffolding.

Important Do able for Scaffolding Services in weather change conditions in Rainy days:

  • It is important that who will work on the scaffold at different levels are trained by a qualified person.
  • it is important to make sure that the scaffold services have been checked by a qualified person to control that it is well erected and that the proper scaffold for the site terrain is being used.
  • Whether a scaffold is being used or not, as long as it is in the possession of a scaffold construction company, it is the duty of the owners or renters to ensure that it is well serviced and maintained. Regular inspections should be carried out to check for rust, damages, and problems with structural integrity.
  • Any damages and problems with structural integrity.
  • Make sure that all the platforms are in good shape and that the scaffold is in a usable state at all times. Not doing these can cause unknown damages that can lead to fatal accidents on the construction site.

There are many other things, which every scaffold provider company has to follow in all possible weather conditions. Get in touch with our experts at 02 4647 1512.

Residential Scaffolding – Reliable Scaffolding Solutions for Your Home

Access Scaffold is one of the most trusted names when it comes to high-quality commercial and residential scaffold services in Australia. We offer a wide range of scaffolding services including tarpaulin, wood and metal poles and all other key elements.

Our tools are designed to support your residential construction and renovation projects and bring it to a successful conclusion. If you are wondering why choosing the right scaffolding hire provider is important, here’s the answer.

Access Scaffold: Residential Scaffolding hire Specialist

Scaffolding is one of the most crucial parts of a home while it is under construction or renovation. If you are getting your home renovated, then you must have reliable scaffolding on-premises. Not just that, you should have the right kind of scaffolding services depending upon your specific needs.

The kind of construction, the materials being used and the equipment needed to do the work all matter a lot. They can be the difference between safe and successful construction and a risky one. So, you must have the right scaffold service in Australia on hand during any outdoor projects.

At Access Scaffold, we provide an assortment of meticulously designed products and other kinds of equipment for virtually all residential scaffolding projects. From small houses to villas to all kinds of architectures – we have the perfect residential scaffold solution for your project. Here are some key points that make our services the best in this residential scaffolding hire Sydney  market segment:

  • Top-quality products with authentic safety ratings
  • Trusted by professionals all over Australia.
  • Years of industry presence.
  • Prompt response on queries along with free service quote
  • A company run by Australians for Australians.

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Elevated Work Platforms for Scaffolding service – Important Safety Tips

A fair amount of planning and preparation should be in place when you want to engage elevated work platforms for any project. Scaffolding units provide temporary work platforms for any scaffold hire, which allows construction workers to work conveniently at great heights. One must understand that elevated work platforms definitely involve risk which makes safety as its topmost priority. In order to create safe and sustainable work platforms, highly trained professionals are engaged.

A pre-start inspection of elevated work platforms for Scaffolding Service providers should search for potential dangers and hazards so that it can be corrected before deployment. The technical team should be well experienced and able to troubleshoot any issues quickly.

The staff should be aware of all the factors associated with the stability of the elevated work platforms for the Scaffolding Service. The load-bearing capacity of the elevated work platforms is an important element and at no point should one breach the permissible load. For more information about all safety measures for any Scaffolding Hire, visit Access Scaffolding Today!

Scaffolding Hire – Working at Heights Made Easy

Scaffolding Hire Company provides temporary work platforms for workers to reach heights and comfortably work along with their required tools and equipment. Any Scaffolding hire company is generally used during construction, maintenance, and repair projects. The main reason why scaffold hire is recommended is to ensure safety for the workers and reduce workplace injuries and accidents.

Any project that involves working at heights may use scaffold hire. There are several safety features and accessories associated with scaffolding hire which ensures a safe working platform. Panel fencing, handrail systems, safety harness, lanyards, mesh, and other safety features make working at heights quite easy and safe.

Scaffolding hire should ensure easy dismantling and assembling features which will make things convenient and also speed up the work. Mobile scaffolding hire is best for projects that involve a lot of moving around. Scaffolding Hire in Sydney provides fall prevention, safety fencing and edge protection for enhanced safety while working.

To discuss your scaffolding services for all residential and commercial construction, visit Access Scaffolding Today!

Scaffolding Safety – A general Product Overview

Scaffolding Safety requirements is an important element for large scale high rise construction projects. With proper Safety not only does Scaffolding complete the job accurately and proficiently but also saves time and effort by providing a convenient work platform. The high degree of standardization and modular components ensure easy installation i.e. easy to dismantle and assemble.

Scaffolding Safety requirements avoids the use of loose fittings and provides a comprehensive list of accessories. Use of gravity-fed wedges ensures perfect installation of Scaffolding Safety requirements. Also, the elimination of loose fittings simplifies the storage and transportation Scaffolding Safety requirements.

Scaffolding Safety requirements units are extremely safe because of the high degree of rigidity. The double guard rail ensures maximum safety and avoids accidents due to falling. The toe board fixings and non-slip stage platform ensure a safe and convenient work platform for workers working at heights. The high load rating allows workers to work freely along with their required tools and equipment. For more information, visit Access Scaffolding Today!

Purpose of using Cup-lock scaffolding system for providing scaffolding services

Cup-lock Scaffolding hire is a temporary structure used to support a slab, work crew and materials to aid in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man made structures. Before hiring any scaffold system especially cup lock scaffold system all we need to check key features of its unique circular node point which allows up to 4 horizontals to be connected to a vertical in a single fastening action making it probably the fastest and safest system available.

All scaffold service in Sydney support the structure of cup lock system, which includes:

  1. Cup lock is widely used to create safety for work support structure.
  2. Its high leg load capacity and range of components gives the capability to manage the virtual support application.
  3. Cup lock scaffold system is lighter as compare to traditional scaffolding.

Before any scaffold hire, we should keep cup lock character tics in mind to support proper structural work.

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Types of Government Approved Scaffold Types in Sydney

There are mainly 8 different types of Scaffolding system approved by Government in Sydney. To understand the complete purpose of scaffolding in any kind of construction works with all scaffold safety requirements. List of approved scaffolding types by Government in Sydney are as below:

  1. Trestle Scaffolding
  2. Steel Scaffolding
  3. Patented Scaffolding
  4. Cantilever Scaffolding
  5. Single Scaffolding
  6. Hung Scaffolding
  7. Double Scaffolding
  8. Suspended Scaffolding

Mainly public areas scaffolding must be in protective structure with proper hoarding fence with proper risk management.  Therefore, before starting any scaffolding work in Sydney, there should be a proper site inspection done with all documentation from Government of New South Wales of construction work. According to Safe work NSW, Scaffolding in Sydney is a temporary structure used to access the outside of a building while it is being constructed, Cleaned or repaired. Complete safety checks should be done to ensure all aspects of scaffold safety requirements.  To know more about your Scaffold services, Visit Access Scaffold Today!

How to measure your scaffold safety requirements?

The general guidance for any scaffolds work at a workplace is compulsory by Safe work Australia Government body. Under the model of WHS-Act, the scaffolding services have to be classified as a structural work.

For managing the risk for Safety purpose in scaffold services are as below:

  1. Identify your hazards by finding out possible wrongs things which may cause harm.
  2. Assessing risk if necessary for understanding the nature of the harm each hazard.
  3. Check the control measures on regular interval of time while proving Scaffold services.

Most important scaffold safety requirements include the safe design for any scaffold structural design. It’s a duty of scaffold designers to manufacture a safe design while assembling any scaffold. Some of the safety measures are:

  1. The intent use of the scaffold
  2. The load bearing capacity of the surface where the scaffold is too erected or the suspension systems for hung or suspended scaffolds.
  3. The capacity to handle the live load and dead load on scaffold structure.
  4. Scaffold edge protection.
  5. Supporting structure.

Scaffold should be designed by an expert designer. For example a person holding a relevant scaffolds high risk management system which fulfill all safety requirements for scaffolding services.

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Things to Consider When Looking For the Most Suitable Scaffold

Setting up a scaffold is a necessity for multi-level building projects. Since there are several types of scaffolds available in the market, it may be challenging for companies to find the most suitable Australian scaffold they can use. While any scaffold service in Sydney can provide them with an idea about the scaffold options they have, companies should take some things into consideration even before they ask for assistance from a scaffolding company. The following are some things to consider when looking for the most suitable scaffold companies can use.

  • Budget – the main consideration a company should take into account when looking for a suitable Australian scaffold is their budget. It may be practical for companies to use modular scaffolding when they are working on short-term projects. These types of scaffolds can be easily erected and dismantled. With this, companies can save on the cost of assembling and disassembling the structure. While tube-and-coupler systems are ideal investments for long-term projects, they may prove costly when they are used for short-term projects. A scaffold service in Sydney can provide options on the type of scaffold available for a specific budget.
  • Length of the construction project – Companies working on long-term projects that may require several months to one year to complete may want to consider investing in a tube-and-coupler system. These scaffolds are designed for heavy-duty use and are quite reliable. They also offer a solid platform for construction workers while they are performing their tasks in the project. While prefabricated or pre-assembled scaffolding can also be used, a tube-and-coupler scaffolding may prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Assembly and disassembly time – It is also important for companies to take into account the time it takes to assemble and disassemble the scaffold. The time will affect the timeline of companies working on multiple projects. If the company needs to set up and dismantle scaffolding fast, they may want to look for prefabricated scaffolds. These types of scaffolds can be assembled and disassembled fast. Home contractors and painters prefer using these types of the scaffold. While the tube-and-coupler system offers better stability and reliability, it takes some time for this Australian scaffold to be assembled and disassembled.
  • Space available at the construction site – The space available on the construction site should also be considered when choosing a suitable scaffold. While there are some sites where any type of scaffold can be used, these are others that require the scaffold to have an unusual configuration. For instance, a prefabricated scaffold system may not be suitable for construction sites with limited space. For better flexibility, companies may opt to check for the availability of tube-and-coupler systems in a scaffold service in Sydney.
  • Load capacity – A scaffold serves as the platform where construction workers perform their tasks for the project. Aside from the materials they use for the building, these workers also need to bring their equipment with them while working. Due to this, it is important for companies to take into account the load capacity of the scaffold or the amount of weight it can carry at one time. This is important to ensure the scaffold maintains its integrity throughout the construction period. It is also an important safety requirement all companies should follow while working on a project. If the scaffold cannot bear the load of the materials and equipment, it will result in untoward incidents that may cause injuries among the workers at the project site. There are several types of scaffold systems that provide additional horizontal and vertical supports to allow them to carry heavy loads. It is also important for companies to consult a licensed scaffold professional structural engineer to ensure the scaffold system they are using is suitable for a certain load.
  • Adherence to safety requirements – While choosing the most suitable Australian scaffold system can ensure safety at the construction site, it is still important for companies to follow all the safety requirements set by the government. These safety requirements are set in place to prevent any untoward incidents at the project site. Non-adherence to these requirements will result in hefty fines and delays in the project.

These are just some of the things companies should consider when they are looking for the most suitable Australian scaffold to use. In this regard, companies should look for a reputable scaffold service in Sydney before they start working on their projects. For more information, Visit Access Scaffolding Today !

Safe Practices When it comes To Scaffolding

Scaffolds are essential equipment when it comes to building construction. These temporary structures provide platforms workers can use when performing tasks. Due to this, construction companies in Sydney normally work with scaffolding hire Sydney-based companies to provide for their scaffolding needs if they do not have the necessary scaffolding equipment. Since scaffolds are used for buildings with multiple floors, it is necessary for companies to ensure they follow scaffold safety requirements set by the government. The following are some safe practices companies can observe when it comes to scaffolding.

  • Scaffolds should be built according to standards

This is one important safety requirement since substandard scaffolds may result in injuries to the people working on the building. Aside from meeting the safety requirements of the government, it is also important for all the components of the scaffold to be complete. While cutting corners may save money, it will also increase the risk of injury in the construction site. Equipment meeting government scaffold safety requirements will allow scaffolding Sydney-based companies to avoid fines, which can be quite hefty.

  • Plan the setup of scaffolds properly

Meeting government safety standards does not automatically mean the scaffold can be set up immediately. It is necessary for scaffolding companies to plan the setup of the scaffolds properly. Planning means visiting the construction site and checking the locations where the scaffold will be set up. The area should offer a solid foundation for the scaffold, especially when it comes to buildings with considerable height. Planning also entails using the appropriate type of scaffold. Moreover, as construction work progresses, it is also important to consult workers working on higher floors. Consulting or discussing the scaffolding work gives construction workers on the things they can and cannot do while they are using the scaffold. It also allows the scaffolding professional an idea about the scaffolding requirements of the workers.

  • Prevent unauthorized alterations or modifications

As the construction of the building progresses, there may be instances when a construction company may not wait for the scaffolding company to add additional levels on the scaffold. They would try to increase the height of the scaffold to speed up work on the project. In these situations, it will put workers at risk especially if the added scaffolding levels are not installed by a licensed and competent professional. Due to this, scaffolding companies should constantly communicate with the construction company to ensure all the necessary materials are available whenever they are needed. Licensed professionals should also be present to work on the additional scaffolding levels. The construction company should be made aware of the risk they are taking when they alter the scaffold by themselves without discussing it with the scaffolding company.

  • Regularly conduct safety checks

While safety checks are normally done when the scaffold is initially set up, scaffolding hire Sydney-based companies should check the structure regularly while the construction is in progress. Regular safety checks will allow the company to spot issues with the structure, such as unsafe access and egress points, inadequately planked areas, or planks that may have weakened due to the load they carried. Checking the structure regularly will prevent any untoward incidents at the construction site. It is also important to conduct a safety check after adverse weather to ensure the integrity of the scaffold was not affected.

  • Employing trained and licensed professionals

This is another important safe scaffolding practice since an untrained individual will not be able to set up a scaffold properly. The professional setting op the scaffold or performing the scaffolding work should have the necessary scaffolding license. There are several scaffolding license classes, depending on the type of scaffold being used. Employing unlicensed individuals will result in an on-the-spot fine for both the individual and the supervisor. Training is also important since licensed professionals may have their licenses suspended or revoked if they are not setting up the scaffold properly. Due to this, both training and a suitable license are required for anyone performing the scaffolding work.

These are just some of the safe practices scaffolding Sydney-based companies can observe to reduce, if not, eliminate the risk of untoward incidents at a construction site. Aside from keeping the workers safe, these practices also allow scaffolding hire Sydney-based companies to comply with scaffolding safety requirements set by the government.


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