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Protecting Scaffolds from Corrosion

Scaffolding equipment is routinely left outdoors assembled in construction projects; this leaves it exposed to corrosion damage. Corroded scaffolds pose a serious risk to the lives of workers or bystanders and hence will not comply with strict industrial scaffolding safety requirements. Scaffolding providers such as Access Scaffolding in Sydney must take measures against corrosion to ensure the safety and longevity of their equipment.

There are many ways of protecting industrial scaffolding from corrosion damage; options include painting, galvanizing, cathodic protection, and more. The most commonly used are painting and galvanizing.


Painting is a simple method of protecting metals from corrosion, the paint forms a physical barrier between the water and the metallic component, preventing the contact needed to corrode. Paint must be routinely inspected for breaks as these will allow rapid corrosion to commence.


Metals corrode due to chemical reactions between regions called anodes and cathodes which are connected by an electrolyte (usually water). When steel corrodes, it exposes deeper layers of anode and cathode to allow corrosion to continue. Galvanizing uses another metal such as zinc which develops an insoluble patina on the surface to prevent corrosion spreading.

Access Scaffolding in Sydney uses a galvanized finish on its CUPLOK scaffolds to provide exceptional and long-lasting resistance to corrosion damage in their industrial scaffolding. This protection ensures strength and integrity throughout projects to keep workers and bystanders safe. Find out more about Access Scaffolding in Sydney today!

Services provided by premium scaffold service in Sydney – Access Scaffolding

Access scaffolding in Sydney established in 2006 adopt clientele with a quality service that includes reliable labor, equipment to hire, and transport. Access scaffolding in Sydney specializes in residential scaffolding, prioritizing safety during all stages of customers’ projects. Working in the residential scaffolding industry in Sydney for over 15 years means that most of the staff have many years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge. Customers benefit through this as it means there is no job too big or small that access scaffolding in Sydney cannot manage.

As mentioned previously, safety is a priority on any worksite no matter how small it is. Access Scaffolding abides by the relevant legislation for a scaffolding service in Sydney and NSW. The legislation is enforced by government bodies “Work Cover” and “Safe Work Australia” to ensure that a work health and safety policy is in check.

The services included when doing business with access scaffolding in Sydney include safety planning in the form of pre-site installation inspections and audits usually conducted over 30 days. Additionally, they provide quoting with consideration of all requirements and active consultation. The next step is hiring and transporting the scaffolding and Access is open to dealing with any residential job and providing quality and reliability.