How to take Scaffolding Licence in NSW?

Scaffolding work is the basic temporary structure required in any construction work across the globe. Inspectors will be appearing at worksites and talking with employers and workers to ensure compliance. Inspectors will also be working with scaffold suppliers and installers to ensure scaffolds are built to standard and are safe.

Basic Scaffold work involves, dogging, rigging, and modular prefabrication scaffolds, which includes basic scaffold work license (SB).  To get a licence for doing scaffold work in NSW, everyone has to do Certificate III in scaffolding services.

There is a proper scaffold training course to get a licence, which includes:

  1. Scaffold Safety requirements
  2. Mobile scaffold
  3. Structural Stability
  4. Cage Scaffolding
  5. Process of inspecting and maintaining the scaffold
  6. To Manage bends and hick-ups, if occurs

Complete Scaffold Licence course gives you, high-risk management skill certificate, PPE importance during work like steel cap boots, long pants, long sleeves, etc. There are various scaffold Licence provider companies who help in getting complete certification done for scaffold license.

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