What To Do When Preparing For Scaffolding Work?

Businesses should keep in mind that scaffolding hire companies should plan and design scaffolds that prevent accidents from happening when they are set up and used. Due to this, there are some things to consider when preparing for scaffolding work.

  • Choose a Suitable Scaffold

Australian scaffold companies need to use scaffolding suitable for the work. For instance, if the building or structure being built is tall, suspended and adjustable scaffolding should be used. For irregularly-shaped structures, suspended scaffold platforms are recommended. Selecting the right type of scaffold will reduce the risk of accidents during construction. In this regard, businesses should look for reputable scaffolding hire companies, such as Access Scaffolding, to provide the scaffolding for the project.

  • Scaffold Design

The design of the scaffolding should meet local and national regulatory requirements. This is important since it can determine if the scaffold is safe to use or not. All risks should be identified before the design is finalized. With the identification of these risks and hazards, the Australian scaffold company can design a scaffold that mitigates, if not eliminate these risks to ensure a safe working environment during construction.

Aside from the initial design when the scaffold is being set up, the design should also take into account the progress of the work on the building. This is necessary since there may be adjustments to be made. Safety during the dismantling process should also be considered when creating the design of the scaffold. The other things the scaffolding company should consider are as follows:

  • Foundation at the construction site, including the ground conditions
  • Capacity of the area where the scaffold is set up to bear the load.
  • The strength and durability of the suspension system in case suspended scaffolds are used
  • Dead loads or the weight and size of the scaffold to be used
  • Live loads or the workers and materials that use the scaffold or are transported using the scaffolds.
  • Environmental load or the weather conditions in the construction site. This would include the possibility of strong winds affecting the area.
  • Safeguards to prevent falls or protect from falling objects
  • Safe entry and exit points

The safety of the scaffolding can also be improved by securing the scaffold to a supporting structure. The scaffolding can opt to tie it to a supporting structure to provide additional support to the structure. It is also possible to increase the dead load by adding counterweights at the base. This gives the scaffold additional support at its foundation. The base dimension can also be increased by adding bays to it.

  • Licenses and Competency of Scaffolding Hire Companies

The Australian scaffold company needs to have the necessary licenses to operate. It should also be competent to erect the scaffold to ensure it is safe to use. The company should also have the high-risk work license since setting up or erecting a scaffold can be complicated and challenging for a company without the necessary competence and experience. The three classes of high-risk work licenses are as follows:

  1. Basic Scaffolding License
  2. Intermediate Scaffolding License
  3. Advance Scaffolding License

The licenses required are determined by the amount of work involved and the type of scaffolding used in the project. If the project scaffolds for a 50-storey building, companies may have to find a scaffolding company with an advance scaffolding license rather than the basic scaffolding license.

  • Documentation

Businesses should also look into the documentation and paperwork of the scaffolding used. For instance, a plant design registration is needed for prefabricated scaffolding. On the other hand, a Safe Work Method Statement is needed for scaffolding where persons can fall more than two meters. The scaffolding company should also provide a scaffolding plan, plant design registration, and an emergency plan before they start working on the scaffolding. Due to this, businesses should look for these documents before starting with the scaffolding work. Reputable Australian scaffold companies, such as Access Scaffolding, can easily provide the necessary paperwork for the scaffolding they are using.

  • Inspection and Maintenance

A reputable scaffolding company should constantly monitor the work on the scaffolding they are providing. The inspections should be conducted before the scaffold is erected, when it is already set up, and when it will be dismantled. Moreover, they should also provide suitable maintenance whenever necessary. This ensures the scaffolding they are providing is safe to use.

These are just some of the things businesses should do before the scaffold is erected. There are several Australian scaffold companies, such as Access Scaffolding, that can provide everything these businesses need to avoid untoward incidents from happening while construction is in progress.

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