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Things To Consider When Setting Up Scaffolds

Scaffolding can provide workers a safe platform where they can perform their tasks in building construction. But even before the scaffold is erected, there are several things Sydney scaffolding companies should consider. If these things are ignored, it may result to accidents at the construction site. While some of these risks and hazards may be associated with specific types of scaffolding, it is still important to take them into account when the scaffold is erected.

  • Avoid Affecting Adjacent Structures or Buildings

Scaffolding work should not affect the integrity of any structure or buildings close to it. Moreover, a reputable scaffold services company should prevent people in adjacent structures from getting injured or adversely affected in case the scaffolding collapses. In these situations, the design of the scaffold should reduce, if not eliminate this risk.

  • Avoid Electric Lines

A Sydney scaffolding company should also inspect the construction site before working on the design of the scaffolding. It should avoid electric lines, both overhead and underground. They pose a considerable risk to construction workers performing their work on the project. Due to this, it is necessary for the scaffolding company to prepare a Safe Work Method Statement before work on the project starts.

  • Provide Suitable Entry and Exit Points

The scaffolding company should also provide suitable entry and exit points for workers while the scaffolding is being set up. The same thing applies when the scaffolding is being dismantled.

Sydney scaffolding companies can set up any of the following entry and exit points:

  • One common entry or exit point is a temporary set of stairs or a ladder access system installed when the scaffold is set up. The scaffold services company can also provide the same stairs and ladder system as the construction progresses.
  • Another option is a permanent platform that is installed on an adjacent structure.
  • For emergencies, personnel hoists can be set up by the scaffold services company.

If these companies set up a flight of stairs, they should be securely installed on the scaffold bay. They can also be lashed into the scaffold bay if it is not possible to install them. Suitable documentation or paperwork should also be provided if the stairs are not secured properly into the scaffold bay.

  • Safety Measures Against Falls

Falling is one of the hazards or risk construction workers have to deal with in any project. A fall will result in considerable injury to these workers, which makes it important to reduce if not eliminate the risk. Due to this, it is important for scaffolding companies to take into account the factors that increase this risk

  • Strong winds at the construction site may cause construction workers to lose their balance while working
  • Work surfaces may become slippery after it rains
  • Visibility at the construction site may be affected due to glare from light reflected on smooth surfaces at the construction site.
  • Materials and equipment that may cause workers to trip while at the construction site.
  • Loose or incomplete scaffolding at the construction site poses a considerable risk to workers.

Taking these risks into account will allow scaffolding companies to implement systems and procedures to mitigate, if not eliminate them. Handrails and edge protection measures should be installed to reduce the risk of falls. These companies can also set up catch platforms to reduce the distance a worker can fall at the construction site. Moreover, these catch platforms can also be used to catch any falling objects.

  • Falling Objects Should Also Be Considered

Another perennial issue at construction sites is falling objects. But this is an issue that can be controlled by both the scaffolding company and the construction company. They can set up fall arrest platforms and overhead protective structures to catch these falling objects. Perimeter containment nets made of high-quality, durable mesh materials can also be set up around the structure. Similar nets can also be installed on working platforms and attached to the scaffolding. But it is necessary for these containment measures to meet the local and national requirements.

  • Avoid Using Scaffolding From Different Systems

While some companies may consider this practice practical, especially when specific scaffolds are unavailable, it is not advisable. The scaffolding from different companies may not be compatible with each other. Due to this, it will affect the integrity of the structure.

When business set up scaffolding for the buildings they are working on, it is important to consider the point listed above. These points are aimed at ensuring the safety of the workers and the structure itself and mitigate any risks involved in the construction of any structure. For more information, Visit Access Scaffolding Today !

Things to Look for in an Australian Scaffold Company

During the construction of buildings and other structures, companies normally look for scaffolding for their workers. The scaffolding provides a safe and stable platform where these workers can do their work. But these construction companies should choose a reliable company offering scaffold services. Scaffolding hire companies can provide these services. But before choosing the Sydney scaffolding company to hire, it is necessary to take into account some factors to ensure the company is reliable. Continue reading Things to Look for in an Australian Scaffold Company