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Managing Risks in Scaffolding Work

Scaffolding work has an inherent risk to workers in a construction site. Companies providing scaffold service in Sydney are aware of their responsibility for minimizing or eliminating this risk. This will allow them to ensure the safety of the construction workers. This responsibility falls on several individuals involved in setting up the scaffolding used in the construction of a building or structure.

These individuals include the following:

  • Designers – the designers should ensure the scaffold design and materials used are suitable for the construction project. Aside from ensuring the design and materials are safe to use, they should also analyze, evaluate, and check the scaffolding they are going to use for the project
  • Scaffold services contractor – the contractor providing the scaffolding work should also ensure the scaffold is installed properly. They should work with the designers to provide the information needed to ensure the scaffolding used is suitable for the project.
  • Contractor of the construction project – the contractor of the project itself should also work with the designers and scaffolding contractor so they can provide a safe working environment for the construction workers.

In order to manage or eliminate the risks in scaffolding work, it is necessary to take into account the following:

  • Identify risks or hazards at the site – It is necessary to recognize possible risks or hazards at the construction site. Moreover, the individuals involved in the project should also take into account the things that may happen and harm or injure the workers in the project. This can be done by checking the site and the area where the scaffold will be set up.

The scaffolding should also be checked before it is installed.  Furthermore, the construction workers should also be encouraged to voice out their concerns to prevent any untoward incidents from happening. Once the scaffold is erected, it should be checked regularly. Any records of incidents or injuries should also be reviewed to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

  • Evaluate the risks or hazards – More often than not, a company offering scaffold services is already aware of the risks and hazards associated with scaffolding work. Due to this, it will be easier to make the necessary assessment of risks or hazards before the scaffolding work is performed. At this point, the company should already be aware of the action it has to take to manage these risks or hazards.
  • Manage the risks or hazards – This is a basic requirement under the Work, Health, and Safety (WHS) Act. In this regard, a company offering a scaffold service in Sydney should already take the necessary steps in managing risks and hazards associated with scaffolding work. If there is no option to eliminate the risk, the company should find a way to reduce it. This means they may have to use other types of equipment when setting up the scaffold.

Moreover, the company can also isolate the risk to the safety of the workers. They can do this by installing concrete barriers separating the scaffolding from people who are not involved in the construction work. Engineering options can also be used to manage the risk and ensure the safety of the construction workers. These options can also ensure the safety of people who are not involved in the project. Personal protective equipment can also be used to keep the workers safe while performing their jobs.

The company should take into account all control measures to reduce or eliminate any risks involving scaffolding work. The availability of these control measures will allow the workers to perform their tasks without having to worry about their safety.

  • Review all control measures – Even after all the risks and hazards are managed, it is still important for companies offering scaffold services to review all the control measures they implemented. The review should be performed regularly to ensure they are consistently implemented. Consistent implementation of these control measures can eliminate the risks and hazards associated with scaffolding work. It also allows companies to take action whenever necessary.

A company offering a scaffold service in Sydney knows the importance of managing the risks and hazards in scaffolding work. Due to this, they are aware of the things they need to do to ensure the workers have a safe and risk-free work environment.